CA A/Haz Lic. #992495
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ALL CLEAN provides a complete range of services including general waste chemical hauling and disposal or resuse to Site Remediation and General Contracting:
As a General A Contractor with Hazardous endorsement,ALL CLEANcan handle any sized project.

General Engineering

Environmental Remediation Services for environmental consulting/engineering companies, major oil companies, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, residential, commercial & industrial corporations, Realtors, Property Managers & government entities.

Site Cleanup & Remediation

As a General A Contractor with hazardous endorsement, ALL CLEAN has the experience, expertise, and resources to handle site or building remediation. Whether the problem is an industrial building with oil and grease residues or a facility with a concrete floor contaminated by heavy metals, ALL CLEAN can provide a turn-key solution. ALL CLEAN can also provide custom engineered solutions. Our Experts will make a site assessment, put together a proposal (typically with choices), then discuss the options with you. You’ll be able to focus on other issues knowing that ALL CLEAN will handle all of the remediation details:

Sampling & Analysis

A General A Contractor with Hazardous endorsement, ALL CLEAN can perform sampling and analysis of environmental conditions as well as substances stored, used, or discharged on site:

Hazardous Waste Management

ALL CLEAN handles liquid and solid hazardous wastes, Universal Wastes, and electronic waste. In order to enhance Sustainability, ALL CLEAN recycles and reuses wastes and products when possible. This can lower your cost while reducing the amount of material going to landfills:

ALL CLEAN provides responsible packaging, transportation, disposal or reclamation for all of your hazardous materials.

Our comprehensive hazardous materials services include:

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