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Dear Sir or Madame,

If you have hazardous waste that must be removed, transported and disposed of, there is simply no better company to call than All Clean Hazardous Waste Removal of San Jose CA.

Finding myself on a ridiculously short timeline, located in PA and mandated to remove a hazardous solution in order to facilitate the removal of equipment from one of our offices located in San Francisco CA, I found the perfect partners in Pat Johnson and Tim White of All Clean Hazardous Waste Removal.

From the moment Pat answered my call, and Tim sent a confirmation email to me, I knew I was in good and capable hands. Within hours, we exchanged company information; set up accounts with each other’s companies; reviewed the details of the request to remove the hazardous solution; walked through the process and a timeline; and secured the required temporary CA State ID Number for removal of the hazardous solution. My initial call to All Clean was on a Tuesday, and the hazardous solution was removed two days later on Thursday!

You will not find another vendor as friendly, professional, honest, reliable and thorough as All Clean Hazardous Waste Removal!

Libby Howell
Purchasing Manager

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